Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Question (And an Answer)

There’s a question that I’m sure all craft bloggers have been asked.

Maybe once or twice, maybe countless times.

A question that we, as readers of craft blogs may well have asked, too!

"Where did you get your supplies?"

If I had a pound for every time someone asked me that question (in its various shapes and forms) I’d...have spent it on craft materials!

But where? you might ask.

In answer, here are my Top Ten crafting supply sources!

(Note: This is NOT a sponsored post)

Admittedly, I’ve only been here twice. The first time I bought feathers, the second time I bought some little charms (supposedly for card-making/scrapbooking; I used them in sewing and jewellery projects). If you have one of these vast shops near you, they do sell products for pretty much every craft and hobby (hence the name!) If I could get to my nearest branch more easily, I’d be a lot poorer!

9. Brighton Bead Shop, Brighton
A short walk from Brighton station, this is a great place for jewellery-making staples, as they sell selected beads in bulk. I’ve found this a great place for buying plainer beads. They also sell fymo!

 8. Wilkinson
Home of spray paint, frames and faux flowers. :)

 7. The Works
Good for painting and card-making supplies! I haven’t been for a while since my most accessible branch was closed down. Boooo. They also sell books, gift wrap and random other bits and pieces, all for wonderfully discounted prices.

 6. Family members
In my case, the source of ribbons from chocolate boxes, old buttons and broken jewellery!

 5. Charity shops
Now, charity shops appear to be selling less actual craft items (though branches of Cancer Research seem to sell more than others) but charity shops are good places to pick up fabrics (in the form of scarves, sheets, curtains etc), beads (jewellery) and various pieces that only need looking at in a different light to become a fabulous craft!
(Check out my post on charity shopping for some tips!)

4. Fabric Land (various locations)
This is my sewing mecca! What you find here depends on the season, but the prices are always very competitive and you’ll find a huge variety of haberdashery alongside the fabrics. Though they have a website, it’s definitely worth taking a stroll around one of their shops if there are any in your area.

Beyond the jute string, PVA glue, paper (including specialist printer papers!) and card-making supplies there are plenty of things that can be bought for alternative uses--that pool noodle can be chopped up to make a wreath form, pillowcases become bags/shirts/skirts...
Usually I leave the 99p Store and Poundland with less money and more projects in mind than I went in with!

2. Big Bead Boutique, Brighton
I fell in love with this shop the very first time I went in!
This is an awesome place for jewellery-making supplies. Here you’ll find lots of interesting beads, charms, findings in variety of colours (not just plain old gold or silver!) and premade jewellery, among other things. 
The owner really has her finger on the pulse with what is trendy, whether it’s amongst fashionistas or the alternative crowd. The shop also hosts workshops for all ages, birthday parties and hen parties.

And now, my #1 source for crafting supplies?


 1. eBay
Seriously. It lacks the excitement of nosing through shelves, but if you’re after something, chances are eBay will have it. You’ll probably also find lots of other cool things in the process! Even though buying from eBay might mean having to pay postage, that postage is cheaper than a bus fare into my nearest town to search for what I'm after! With eBay, I can avoid the cost and stress of shopping in a real shop and have far more choices than I might have on the high street.

So there we go, my crafting supply list! Hope this is useful to some people--a lot of the local shops have web shops too, if you’re not in the area!

If you’re still looking for ideas, check out my post, Crafting on the Cheap.
I’m a total cheapskate at heart and dislike spending a lot of money if I can spend less, or make something for less than it would cost to buy similar!

Once again, this is NOT a sponsored post. I want to tell you about shops and products I truly love :)


  1. Great list, Kei. I love that you included family and friends. I do that too,....get everybody channeling their goodies over for crafting. lol

  2. Great post, the only ones I have by me is HL. I never thought of ebay, don't know why, but I'll be checking out more now. I feel with my blog I'm always on my computer so hate getting back on it? Thanks for letting me know you liked my stenciled wall!


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