Friday, 17 August 2012

Easy Crystal Necklace

Are you a jewellery-making novice? Or are you looking for a teenybopper-friendly craft?
Then this is the project for you!

easy crystal necklace tutorial

I first made one of these necklaces before I reached my teens! They are incredibly simple to make and require no jewellery making tools. The only tools you’ll need are scissors and a ruler or tape measure.

crystal necklace how to

Here’s the tutorial. It’s really easy!

how to make a crystal necklace

You’ll need:
Nylon thread/jewellery thread (you could use embroidery floss for this!)
Crystal chip beads*
Round, flat bead to use as a clasp

* Source: most of mine came from old crystal chip bracelets/necklaces, but a quick search on eBay for ‘crystal chip beads’ throws up a lot of results!

1. Cut a length of thread approx 8-10 inches longer than your desired necklace length. This project involves lots of knotting, and it’s surprising how quickly the thread diminishes!
I cut 24 inches of thread and ended up with a 14 inch necklace, although I did cut a couple of extra inches off at the end.

making a crystal necklace

2. Thread the round flat bead onto one end and loop the thread around to tie in a knot. I like to tie a second knot a little along the thread from the first, but it’s entirely optional.

howto make gemstone necklace

3. Add a crystal bead onto the thread, about 3 inches from the start of the necklace. Tie the thread in a knot on the top of it.

tutorial how to make a gemstone crystal necklace

4. Continue to knot the crystal beads onto the thread, spacing them out as much or little as you’d prefer.

teen-friendly necklace

5. Once the necklace is your preferred length, finish by tying a loop in the end to fit over the round flat bead. Trim off any extra pieces of thread, and you’re done!

easy to make necklace

necklace tutorial

Use regular beads instead of crystal chips
Use slightly larger beads and knot the thread either side to secure (see my pearly necklace tute!)

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  1. Great tut, Kai. This turns out so cute.

  2. Very pretty! Do you have any tips for making knots with nylon thread? Mine always come undone!


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