Thursday, 10 May 2012

I haven't abandoned this blog, honest!

Somehow, two weeks passed since I last posted here. Oops.

Unfortunately I can't say that I've been super-busy, as that would be a massive fib.

I've been distracted, and a result I haven't been doing any bloggy things.
Until this evening, I hadn't checked my reader for three days...and I found almost 400 posts waiting for me. Eep.

But I have been crafting.

It was my birthday on the 29th April, and these beauties were a present. I've been lusting after a rotary cutter for ages, but of course needed the cutting mat and quilting ruler to go with it. :)

This lovely tool cuts like a dream and I don't know what took me so long to get one! I am able to cut things out faster and far more accurately than I can with scissors.

Despite signing up for the "I Will Wear It In Public" sewing challenge, I haven't done a thing for it yet.
Instead I've been making a cosplay (fancy dress costume) for an anime convention I'll be attending in August.

...yes, I am a Japan nerd. :)

However, I will get something done for the challenge soon! I just want to finish off this costume first. Although the event isn't until August, I've learnt to get my costumes sorted out early to avoid rushing and stressing over all the minor details at the last minute. :)

Challenge-wise, at present I am still leaning more towards something with shirring. I have seen some gorgeous dresses that use it!
On the other hand, I realised I have never completely successfully made a pair of trousers, so am considering it an option!

Will be sharing another tutorial soon--it will involve beads and will be fun for children and adults alike!

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  1. Glad to have you back. Belated happy birthday and yay for getting the rotary cutter. I just got one recently as well and love it. Be careful for your fingers. :)


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