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Tutorial: Gothic Comedy Scarf

Nearly all magazines come with a handful of inserts that usually go straight in the recycling bin. But recently amongst the oft-unwanted junk was something interesting: a pamphlet for Joe Browns.

The brand in question has a large collection of to-die-for clothes and accessories, all of which are stylish, gorgeous, and practical with it!
One thing that caught my eye was the ‘Funky Buddha Scarf’. At £19.95 it isn’t particularly overpriced, but I’m one of those people that would rather save the money and spend a couple of hours making something for less!

So here is my take on the Funky Buddha Scarf:

‘Gothic Comedy Scarf’
And here is the original by Joe Browns:

As you can see, there are several differences between my version and the original!
Basically, I made this using things I had in my creative stash, rather than shelling out on fabrics, beads and whatnot.

I’m a bit of a goth at heart, so used some black cobweb lace left over from an old project. Instead of chunky beads I used some large jump rings, and the comedy mask charm has been floating around in my bead box for about a decade!

Since I’m all about sharing (and it’s so easy to make this), here’s a tutorial!

Time needed: 60-90 minutes

You’ll need:
60x150cm (approx) lightweight fabric (choose something that doesn’t fray)
Charm for centre of scarf
Bail for charm (I used a split ring from an old keychain)
6 large jump rings
Belly dance costume coins
Needle & thread
Jewellery pliers

1. Hem your fabric on all sides if you wish (I didn’t because I could get away without doing it!) Put a bail on your charm if it doesn’t already have one, and thread onto the centre of the fabric.

2. A couple of inches from the charm, fix three of the jump rings around the fabric. It helps to twist the fabric here to keep it tightly together. Close the jump rings with pliers. These will stop your charm from sliding off the scarf.
Repeat on the other side of the charm.

3. Sew the coins to one end of the scarf, evenly spaced. I used 9 coins on each side.

4. Tea break!

5. Sew coins to the other end of the scarf.

6. Enjoy your new, cheaply-produced scarf!!!

  • As with the Joe Browns scarf, try out large beads instead of split rings...
  • ...or put knots in the fabric.
  • Sew beads or trim to the ends of the scarf
  • Add three charms rather than one

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