Thursday, 12 June 2014

Paper Sticks of Rock, or Beach-Themed Party Favours

summer DIY sticks of rock

Recently I made a beach-themed window display for a charity shop. No British seaside resort is complete without sticks of rock, so I made these fake ones out of paper!

These would also make cute party favours if filled with little sweets, or an addition to beach-themed d├ęcor.
Read on for how to put them together (it really is as simple as you think)

beach party favors

You’ll need:
Striped paper bag (or paper)
Scrap white card
Clear tape
Glue stick (Pritt Stick or similar)
Red pen
Scissors/craft knife
A cylinder to wrap card around (should be roughly the diameter you want the rock to be--I used a tube of lip stain!)

DIY beach theme party favours

1. Cut card into long rectangles, length x circumference you want, plus 1cm overlap, e.g. 20x6cm (should wrap around the cylinder!)
Cut striped paper slightly bigger than this e.g. 20x6.5cm.

paper stick of rock tutorial

2. Roll each piece of card lengthways around the cylinder to make a tube, and tape the long edge down well. It doesn’t matter if this bit looks messy because it won’t be seen!

english beach decor

3. For the rock ‘ends’, use more white card and draw around the end of your cylinder twice as many times as sticks of rock you’re making (two for each stick of rock). Give each circle ‘legs’ at the four compass points.

british seaside candy

4. Cut these out, decorate with the word or design you want, and bend the legs back. Glue to the ends of each tube of card, with the legs on the outside.

how to make sticks of rock from paper

5. Glue along each striped paper pieces (on the wrong side) and gently roll onto the card tubes.

DIY paper sticks of rock

6. Cut some cellophane longer than the sticks of rock and roughly the width you cut for the striped paper. Wrap around rock and secure with a tiny piece of tape. Twist the ends to close, adding a narrow strip of tape over the top if it won’t stay (I had problems with this, then remembered the reams of sticky tape I had to remove from the wrapping of my last real stick of rock)

DIY stick of rock from card

7. Display, but don’t eat ;)

DIY card british seaside stick of rock party favor tutorial

Where to get cellophane (because I had to look it up)
Ebay/Amazon/etc if you want tonnes of it
A local florist if you only want a little piece. My nearest florist kindly let me have a sheet for free, so combined with the old paper bag and scrap card, this DIY cost me little more than some tape, glue, ink and time :)

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I may write about this window display on my other blog, Doing A Thing. Here you'll also find posts about chocolate, days out, art and more chocolate ;)

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