Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Angel Specimen Art

angel specimen art with sequins

The other day I posted about the recycled magazine garland that I made for a Christmas display window at the place where I volunteer.

Today I want to share another Christmas project: Angel specimen art! 

specimen art for christmas

I started off with some really worn out old frames from the charity shop; I actually borrowed these from the shop where I volunteer, in order to give them a ‘makeover’ so they could be re-sold! Originally they were a grubby pink, filthy, and with sticky gunk all over the glass. Yuck!

Specimen art was one of the suggestions I had when I posted pictures of my crafting stash a few months ago.

Here’s a quick how-to, though it’s really pretty simple!

You’ll need:
Box frame
Sheet music (real or printed out!)
Angel sequin shapes
Double-sided foam tape
Scrap paper (optional)
Glue (optional)

christmas angel specimen art christmas decor specimen art with angel sequins

1. Paint the box frame, and sequins, if necessary (I used acrylic paint and covered the glass with some scrap card)

2. Cut sheet music to the same shape as the back of the frame.

sheet music and angel sequin specimen art for christmas

3. Add small squares of double-sided foam tape to the back of your sequins. (You can also buy sheets of this stuff pre-cut to squares!)

angel specimen art

4. Stick the sequins to the music. This is the awkward part! I used a ruler to space the sequins out properly, though ended up arranging the centre two lines of angels by sight.

angel sequin specimen art

5. Optional: use a little glue (such as pritt-stick) to stick the paper to the frame back, put it in the frame and you’re done! (I didn’t do this, because I’m totally lazy)

angel specimen art

These frames went on sale in the Christmas window at the charity shop. The sheet music is for Christmas songs, too :)

Will be linking up at the parties listed below!

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