Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Sneaky Peek

Here is a sneaky peek at a project I'll be sharing here in the future (hopefully next week, or the weekend if I get impatient).

I  was working on this today, and, well...

Ever stabbed yourself with a needle? Multiple times?

I managed this today. What's worse, I managed to jab myself with a very sharp needle, right under my fingernail. 


The pains we go through for our craft, eh? :) 


  1. Ouch!! I always get pricked by pins and needles, last week I was binding a quilt and managed to stab myself with the threaded end of the needle. I seriously need to invest in a thimble:)

  2. been there, done that!!! those are the worst injuries, they hurt like HHHHHH.... !

  3. Yikes. That is the worst hurt. Certainly wakes you up doesn't it.

  4. Hmm, tons of buttons, needle stabbing....are you destashing?! :) xx


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