Thursday, 19 April 2012

Map Pendants

A while ago, my dad unearthed an old pocket diary and – since it was dated 2005 – was going to put it out for recycling.  Of course, I rescued it!
In the back of the diary was a set of maps, which I promptly pulled out for crafting with. (I have a thing about map crafts recently!)

Using sections of the maps, I put together these simple pendants.

Construction is really simple and uses items easily found on eBay or in your local craft shop.

Here’s a tutorial!

You’ll need:
Pendant cabochon setting*
Clear cabochon to fit setting*
Strong, clear-drying glue (I used multipurpose)

* I used 18x25mm cabochon and setting
**Alternatively use a length of ribbon or cord, and tie on.

Round-nosed pliers
Flat-nosed pliers
Wire cutters

1. Spread glue evenly over the back of your cabochon and stick it onto the map.

2. Smooth out any air bubbles and make sure the cabochon is stuck evenly! (I didn’t do this part all too well as I was rushing, which showed up on the finished pendant)

3. Once the glue is dry, cut around the cabochon and trim off any excess.

4. Spread strong glue evenly but sparingly into the cabochon setting. Depending on the glue you might have to spread a little on the back of the cabochon too, and wait for it to go tacky--check the instructions with the glue!

5. Stick in the cabochon and wipe away any excess glue immediately with a damp cloth.

6. Thread pendant onto a length of chain cut to the appropriate length, and add a clasp to the ends of the chain to finish.

This is such a quick way of making a piece of jewellery! It would make a great gift, particularly if the map focused on a place close to the recipient’s heart.

What with this and my Map Letter Canvas, I'm getting quite an addiction to maps!



  1. These are simple but effective. Great idea!

  2. So cute. Aren't you glad you saved those maps!!

  3. It looks great and not difficult to make :)

  4. This is so fun idea! it is on my to-do list :)

  5. Any suggestions as to where I would be able to find the glass beads and settings? It seems so hard to try to find settings that match the clear bead size!

    1. I bought the clear cabochons and settings from ebay! There are plenty on there and if you search by size (eg 25x18) it helps whittle down the matches :)

  6. This is amazing.... I have a friend who is also in love with maps and this would be a great gift for her! LOVE IT!

    Following from the Thursday Link UP!

  7. Those are just gorgeous!! I love map projects. Would you consider sharing them here?

  8. They are very neat and would make great gifts. Filing this away to do later.

  9. These are awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Love these. I'm going to make one for my best friend's birthday this week. I had no idea what to get her, and now I know. What a great post. Thanks for sharing your idea.


  11. I'm loving these, so cute and it would be great to use areas close to their heart. A quick fun and cute project - great gift for someone! Thanks for sharing your creative plant inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay.

  12. Love this! I will have to give this a try. I definitely need a necklace of my favorite places in Italy, Texas and California!

  13. Very pretty!Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.

  14. This is such a fun and cute idea!! We loved having you link up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Hope you'll be back soon! -The Sisters

  15. Love these so much especially for young Teen girls whom vacation spot tshirts are just a gee thanks. I'll use it to clean the bathroom and think of the trip kind of no go. lol. Making these for my cousins daughter & mine as a travel keepsake of their time together this summer. Running out to Joann Fabric & crafts to see if they have the supplies.

  16. This is so cute. I want to make one for my sis! She and I went on a fantastic train trip thru New Mexico last year. Any ideas where to find these itsy-bitsy maps??? I'm at a total loss! Is there a way I could buy a page from you??

    Linda Van Baale

  17. Love love love these!! I think I need to make up a bunch for trip memories! Thanks for linking up Kei - I always love your projects! I featured you today!

  18. Saw you at Gunny Sack and had to come tell you your pendants are gorgeous!
    <3 Christina

  19. Kei - I've featured this beauty. Come on back and see!

  20. Thanks so much for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday, I featured this on my blog today! Stop by and grab a featured button :)

  21. Great idea! Would also be the perfect project for older kids. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I love your map pendants, they are very pretty. You didn't a wonderful job on them. Nice tutorial, they look really easy to make. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for stopping by Mixed Kreations (-;

  23. Do you sell these? I suck at all things craft and the ones I have seen on Etsy aren't as nice as these? I would love one of the UK, to remind me of home :-)

  24. Where do you buy the cabochon settings and glass to fit? Thanks!

  25. We love this idea :-) Very creative.. wherever you go, there you are :-)

  26. This is great! Thanks so much- I'm gonna try this with rings!

  27. This is great! Thanks so much- I'm going to try with rings!

  28. This is so cute! Imagine how fun it would be with a fantasy map like Narnia or the Marauders Map! What am awesome giddy idea!


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