Friday, 18 October 2013

Etsy Shop Update!

I've been working hard to bring you some new items and now, here they are! Little Deer Daydreams has been updated with new products along a new theme for the season.

I made all of these wanting to create something unusual and unique: statement-making, conversation pieces, for an affordable price, that nobody else has. Whilst there may sometimes be similar items at Little Deer Daydreams, nothing marked as 'unique' will ever be replicated. 

Everything is made using components with a mixture of age to them. Some parts are brand new, some are vintage, other parts are simply beyond their original use and have been upcycled into something else!

Little Deer Daydreams' current collection includes items that call to mind the image of a strange, vintage doll, left forgotten in the attic of an ivy-strewn Victorian house.

Old keys, gemstones, escutcheons and even parts of vintage toys have been included in the creation of these necklaces, alongside the usual combination of beads and chain. This mix of old and new is pretty much becoming synonymous with Little Deer Daydreams!

I believe that everybody deserves to own items of jewellery that are unique to them. It should not be a luxury afforded only by those with lots of money or the skills and time to create their own!

In case my mad linking and watermarking and plugging all the way through this post didn't make it obvious (haha!) the address is:

Please take a look. I hope you find something you like :)

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