Thursday, 8 August 2013

Oh Deer Me!

After a lot of thought, I elected to rename my Etsy shop. The original name, whilst it tied in with this blog, didn't really work along with what I was selling.

Hopefully this one will be much better!

Renaming was quite a process.
I've often struggled with names and titles and probably drove people mad as I went through a cycle of scratching my brain for ideas, searching them online, finding they exist already, groaning dramatically and going back to the drawing board!

Little Deer Daydreams is, however, a name I'm pleased with (and I do have a tendency to daydream).
As if the universe approved, a deer appeared on the farm drive near my house the day after I made the name change!

(This is not the deer in question, but it's in the same place!)

Whilst a lot of items currently on my Etsy store take on a bit of a 'World Traveller' theme, I have a whole heap of products to add for next season, which incorporate more of a vintage feel. So keep watching!

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