Monday, 25 February 2013

Etsy Talk & Promo Code

Although I posted about opening my Etsy shop, I realised that I never wrote very much about the items in it!

That will never do!
I have decided to post occasionally about a few of the items I have for sale on Etsy, because I’ve always found it interesting to know the history of items I buy (or to imagine the history, if I don’t know it!)

So I’ll start right here, with this key necklace. You’ll be seeing a lot of keys over these posts, as I have made a ton of key necklaces--most of them contain upcycled items, too.

OOAK key pendant
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This necklace was made with a summer’s day in mind, when the sky is clear and the sun is gently warming.

upcycled key jewelry

All the ‘pretty’ parts of this are recycled! (With the exception of the yellow thread, which is new).
The key is an old one and fairly plain on the front, but the metal has a nice warm tone to it. Like a lot of keys, the back has the maker’s logo.

recycled key necklace

Originally the bow charms were on a pair of earrings bought second hand. I thought the charms were cute, but the earrings not so much!
The oval beads I used are retro and came from a mixed box of beads that a family member found in a charity shop. The rounded beads were on a necklace originally, bought for the sole reason of the giant beads in the centre--it was cheaper to buy a necklace than buy the beads separately! Madness! 

retro bead key necklace

The theme of this necklace is ‘age’: things found when rummaging through an old jewellery box, things reminiscent of archaeological finds.

reused key pendant

Once again there are recycled components in this necklace, all of which originally came from retro earrings!
The pointed silver metal charms I had a few of, but these two mirrored each other the best! They were originally part of a pair of earrings, which were broken when I bought them (second hand, of course!) As for the little rhinestone decoration on the key, that too was an earring. 

key and broken jewellery necklace

Of course, the key is used, but all other beads and findings are new.

malachite key necklace

This necklace is one of my favourites! My inspiration was nature: the wonderful, beautiful things formed without any human intervention. 

key necklace gemstone on etsy

I used a couple of different gemstones on this necklace. The stripy green one is malachite, whilst I believe the dark green beads with a glittery look are made of bloodstone. Originally the beads were on one of those crystal bracelets that were all the rage in the early noughties! 

etsy gemstone and key pendant jewelry

Although the leaves look metal, they are actually made of plastic--just as well, else this necklace might have ended up pretty weighty! The non-gemstone beads I used are actually all fairly old, despite being ‘new’. My parents used to make jewellery, so occasionally I nose around in their old jewellery making stash to see what I can snaffle :)
The key came from my Nan, who found a big bunch of them in my Grandad’s old shed. Goodness knows what it originally belonged to; apparently all the locks that match the keys are long gone!

Well, I’ve written enough for now. All of these necklaces and more can be found on my Etsy shop!
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This has been a shameless self-promotion post on behalf of me. ;)


  1. What a cool post. I love to hear about the inspiration of artists so this is really neat to get inside of your head a bit. You have a real flair. Love the nature-inspired version the best.

  2. Those are really beautiful pieces :)


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