Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I have a question for those of you that have an Etsy store:

Do you use your real name on Etsy?

Etsy's help section states:
Your full name is not intended to be your business or shop name, but rather a means of identifying yourself on Etsy. You full name can be your actual full name, just your first name, initials, a nickname, etc. 

I rarely use my real name online--in fact, I only use it on Facebook! My unwillingness to do so is partly because I don't like giving out personal information online, partly because it doesn't 'feel' like my name (only my family use it) but also because it feels somewhat unprofessional and clumsy to say (especially my surname!)

So I'd rather use a pseudonym... Though I'm curious about what everybody else does.

Some feedback would be really great, so what do you think?


  1. I use my full name but I wouldn't mind buying from someone that doesn't. I've had buyers who've used business names as their full name and others just first names. Who's to know if that's their real name. You should use whatever you're comfortable with, take back some of the privacy that's been stolen by so many sites nowadays! xx

  2. You should do what you feel comfortable with.. I don't think that people care very much about that, they buy what they like, regardless of your name :)) I also think that it's important to keep your privacy as much as possible.. :)

  3. I use my real last name, but I use a very long term nickname (over 10 years now!) as my normal first name both online and most of the time in real life.

  4. I use my blog's name for my Etsy store name. I know there are many other bloggers who do the same. I used to use another name, but the same name helped with traffic and potential customers/readers identifying the two as one and the same.


Reading all your sweet comments makes me happy! :) I appreciate each and every one and try to reply to all that I can!

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